Sunday, February 26, 2006

State of the Nation

Misinfomation, views and more opinions are racking the country as the nation struggles amid this SOE.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow. This is getting too much of a headache --- too many people trying to change so many things, each with his own agenda, believing that his idea is better than the others.

I wish i can be apathetic, but i can't. I wish i can easily choose sides like the people on thes treets, but i can't. What i believe in before is now questioned --- too much misinformation, too many emotions running on high --- it's almost impossible to point out who's right and who's wrong. Too many figures utilizing the confusion, using EDSA, using this hullabaloo for their own purposes. Just what is it do you want?

Change is inevitable, yes. But what makes you think your change is the better solution?

We are here to develop our country, not tear it apart.

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